Jeroen (J.S.) Maas

For over 15 years Jeroen Maas has gained experience in the field of migration law and he has extensive knowledge of administrative law. Jeroen provides advice to companies, private persons and public and semi-public institutions on issues in the field of administrative and migration law. For instance, he renders assistance to companies in filing applications in the field of knowledge workers migration and labour migration and he advises and litigates in matters concerning administrative penalties, for example in connection with the Foreign Nationals (Employment) Act.

Private persons may obtain advice about family reunification and EU (family-related) migration, but they may also ask for assistance in the field of various issues where their  interests are in conflict with those of the authorities: penalties, fines, permits, subsidies et cetera.

Specialist areas

  • Knowledge workers migration and labour migration
  • Diplomats and employees at international organisations
  • Family reunification (including applications for authorization for temporary stay- MVV)
  • EU (family-related) migration
  • Penalties
  • Victims of honour-related violence or human trafficking



University of Leiden, 2001

Professional Association

  • The Specialist Association of Migration Lawyers (SVMA)
  • Working Group on Legal Aid in Immigration (WRV


English, Dutch

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