Why a lawyer?

Are you wondering why to hire a lawyer for an MVV-application? Of course there are legal organizations that are often times much cheaper than a lawyer. Will I get what I paid for? And why can I not arrange everything myself?

Do it yourself

Of course you can do it yourself. You have probably researched a thing or two, maybe online, where you notice information that is contradictory. Calling the IND will also not always lead to clear answer. Also, there is a lot of paperwork involved in the application procedure. Incorrect information on forms can already lead to a rejection of your application.

  1. Then you come across our website where you can find all the information you need. It also gives you free tips on how to approach a certain application. We have forms and checklists which you can download and fill out via the comfort of your computer. So do read the pages of this website carefully.
  2. Are you experiencing any difficulties? You can contact us for advise. If you find that it is too complex to handle the case by yourself, we can guide the process for you.

Professional counsel: lawyer or adviser?

There are legal agencies that do MVV-applications. Usually these are cheaper than a lawyer. So why hire a lawyer?

Laws and rules provide for the most solid basis in a procedure, like a MVV-or residence permit application. The benefit of hiring a lawyer is that he/she knows the laws and rules. An experienced professional has dealt with many different types of situations. Because of that, there should be no mistakes in the steps to be taken, the terms and the required documents.

The problem is that knowledge and experience of the professional cannot always be measured. Are there success stories? Do I get what I pay for? Here are some relevant facts:

  1. Anyone can call themselves a legal adviser, even if they do not have the required diploma. The legal profession is a protected one. It is criminal to act as a lawyer, unqualified. In migration law, there are a lot of cases of legal advisers making false promises to their clients while asking for a lot of money. To this day, we receive messages on a regular basis about MVV-advise agencies that do not reply any more after receiving money from clients.
  2. All lawyers are registered in the Dutch Bar Association. They are required to follow a set of conduct rules which have been put in place to protect the interests of clients. To enforce this, are all lawyers subject to disciplinary law. Lawyers that cross boundaries can be reprimanded, suspended or even dismissed.
  3. Lawyers are obliged to follow courses every year to keep their knowledge in check. Furthermore, they can only be qualified as a specialist when they are registered in a recognized specialization association which imposes quality demands to the registered lawyers. This to protect the quality of their services.

Tips for making the right choice

How do you make the right choice in finding a professional to guide you through an MVV or residence permit application? Not all factors are normative but there can be certain elements that contribute to the credibility of the professional:

  • Are there success stories? Someone can call themselves the greatest, but who agrees? Is there any constructive criticism online about the services of the professional or only complaints? The appreciation of a customer is usually a credible criterion.
  • Who is the professional anyways? Is it an advise agency without any names or faces of the people that work there? Or is everybody known by their names? Is the agency only available via phone or per e-mail or is there a visiting address as well? This could also be something to think about.
  • What are the prices/fees? There are legal advisers, but also lawyers who dare to ask thousands of euros for a simple procedure such as the MVV-application. On the other side of the spectrum, there are agencies that charge very little. The question is of course: what do I receive in return? Fees of thousands of euros do not ensure quality at all. Very low fees can also evoke question about what is included in the services (and what is not).

It is usually a combination of the above mentioned factors that can help in determining the credibility and reliability of a professional.

Why Delissen Martens?

Delissen Martens Advocaten is a medium sized law firm in the Hague, with approximately 50 lawyers, working in different disciplines. The firm has a long tradition and good reputation in the migration field. The lawyers are well played amongst each other and work in teams, when necessary. Migration law often times has connections with family law, corporate law, labor law or criminal law. Delissen Martens has all expertise available.

Delissen Martens spends time and attention to improving quality aspects of its services. The client feedback are public. Clients value us with an average of 9,4.

Lawyer Jeroen Maas is specialized in migration law since 2001 and has successfully dealt with hundreds of applications. Jeroen is a member of the board of the Specialisten Vereniging Migratierecht Advocaten (migration specialist association), one of the very few specialization associations with a quality mark from the Dutch Bar Association.

Delissen Martens provides transparent prices for the guidance in MVV- and residence permits applications. These prices are very competitive because of our long history and experience with these applications and consequently, our efficient way of working.

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Lawyer Jeroen Maas is specialized in migration law since 2001 and has successfully dealt with hundreds of applications. 


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