Legal counsel for an MVV-application or objection

Delissen Martens Advocaten has dealt with a lot of MVV-applications and has built a reliable reputation in MVV-cases. We will take your worries away and find a successful outcome.

Before you start the process, there will be clear made agreements on the conditions and terms as well as the chances of success. With us, there will be no surprises by incorrect filled out forms or incomplete data! There are no rejections that can be prevented!

How does it work?

  1. You can call or e-mail us to explain your situation (non-committal);
  2. We will provide you with advise and send you a checklist with required documents (see the ‘workdocuments’);
  3. When you have organized and collected all documents, you can stop by for an appointment or you can send us the documents via postage or e-mail;
  4. We will check the paperwork, prepare the application and send you a concept together with a letter and all attachments;
  5. If you agree on the concept, we will submit the application. After this, all communication with the IND occurs via the lawyer, until a decision by the IND is made and final. You will receive copies of all communication via e-mail.

In the meantime, you can always ask us questions. We will also watch over the application by contacting the IND on a regular basis with regards to the status of the application. When your partner or relative has arrived in the Netherlands, we will close the file.

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