Guidance in an application for stay with a minor Dutch child

The ‘Chavez’ route is particularly new and not all organizations and law firms have experience with this. At Delissen Martens Advocaten, we now have a considerate amount of experience with Chavez cases. Since the implementation of IND’s policy in the fall of 2017, we have submitted tens of applications, all with a positive outcome – so far.

Hence, we can advise you with our experience and expertise about the possibilities and steps to be taken. Because of the fact that we have handled a lot of ‘Chavez’ cases, we are able to guide our clients throughout the process in an efficient manner. This is possible within two or three hours of legal counsel, in most cases. For this we assign a standard fee of € 660 incl. BTW. (If three hours would not be enough to handle the case, every other hour will be invoiced on the basis of a reduced hourly fee of €285 an hour, incl. BTW.

For an application of a facilitated travel visa in combination with an application for an EU-residence permit, a fee of €880 applies incl. BTW. This fee has a limit of four hours of work.

For an application requesting deferment of departure in case of the delivery of a baby in the Netherlands, in combination with an application for an EU-document, a fee of €880 applies incl. BTW. This fee has a limit of four hours of work.

How does it work?

  1. U can call or e-mail us to explain your situation (non-committal);
  2. We will provide you with advise and send you a checklist with required documents (see the ‘work documents’);
  3. When you have organized and collected all documents, you can stop by for an appointment or you can send us the documents via postage or e-mail;
  4. We will make an appointment for you at the embassy or the IND. We will check the paperwork, prepare the application and send it to you with a letter and all attachments.
  5. You will submit the application yourself. After this, all communication with the IND occurs via the lawyer, until a decision by the IND is made and final. You will receive copies of all communication via e-mail.

In the meantime, you can always ask us questions. We will also watch over the application by contacting the IND on a regular basis with regards to the status of the application. When your partner or relative has arrived in the Netherlands, we will close the file.

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