It is possible to apply for an MVV directly by the sponsor in the Netherlands on behalf of the foreign family member or partner. In connection to the MVV application, a residence permit valid for a few years is simultaneously requested. This is called the admission-and stay procedure (TEV).

The MVV cannot be applied for by the foreign family member or partner in the Netherlands. The reasoning behind an MVV is that the question whether someone can legally stay in the Netherlands must be assessed prior to their arrival.

The foreign family member or partner can also submit the MVV-application. This happens at the Dutch embassy or consulate in the country of origin (meaning the country of which the applicant holds the nationality) or residence. 

If there is no Dutch embassy or consulate in the country, the MVV must be submitted in a neighbouring country. MVV-applications from Iraqi people can be submitted in e.g. Turkey, Syria or Iran. People from Somalia can submit the application in Ethiopia or Kenya.

Does the foreign family member or partner have a residence permit in a different country, the MVV can also be submitted in that country, when they:

  • Reside in a country on the basis of a legal permit with a term of three months or more,
  • Reside in a country and are allowed to await a decision on the application in that country,
  • Reside in a country where a procedure for residence has been completed, of which the outcome in law has become unassailable and a legal impediment exists against deportation.