What is an MVV?

MVV stands for 'Machtiging tot Voorlopig Verblijf', meaning permission for temporary stay

An MVV is a visa for entry and stay in the Netherlands. Before you can apply for a residence permit, you would need to be in possession of an MVV. You can apply for the MVV at Dutch embassies or consulates in your country of residence/origin. Since 2013, it is also possible for your ‘sponsor’ to apply for the MVV on your behalf at the IND (the Dutch Immigration and Naturalisation Services).

The MVV grants the applicant the permission to travel to the Netherlands. The new procedure for ‘admission and residence’ makes it possible for MVV-holders to be granted an automatic residence permit upon arrival in the Netherlands. The application for an MVV is assessed according to the purpose for which the applicant wants to come to the Netherlands, for example: work, study or family-reunification.

If a person wants to attain a residence permit for the purpose of stay with a partner or spouse, it will be determined in the initial phase of the MVV-application whether or not it meets all the conditions for the purpose of that stay. The reasoning behind this is simple:  the question whether someone can acquire a residence permit has to be assessed prior to the arrival of the person in the Netherlands.

MVV when the partner is already in The Netherlands

If the partner who has an obligation to apply for a permit is already in the Netherlands, they would have to return back to their country of residence/origin to apply for the MVV. The possession of an MVV (a.k.a. the MVV-obligation) is a very strict requirement in the attainment of a residence permit and the lack of an MVV will most likely lead to a negative decision in the application for that residence permit.

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Do you want bring a father/mother, brother/sister, cousin etc. to the Netherlands? This does not fall under the regular scope of family reunification. Delissen Martens Advocaten does not occupy itself with these forms of family reunification. Thus, you would have to consult a different firm.