The integration exam

Everyone who is MVV-required and between the age of 18 and 65 must integrate prior to their travel to the Netherlands.
The required level that the applicant must command will be assessed according to the integration exam.

1. Speaking skills

Costs: €60,00. This is further divided into two parts:

  1. Question-Answer: the candidate receives questions and must formulate an answer.
  2. Completing sentences: the candidates hears a short sentence and must complete it.

The speaking skills part also requires candidates to record their answers. These answers will be judged by people and not a computer.

2. Reading skills

Costs: €50,00. This is further divided into two parts:

  1. The candidate hears a word and choose between four written answer possibilities + the candidate reads a word and chooses from four written answer possibilities.
  2. The candidate will be shown reading texts with multiple choice questions.

3. Knowledge of the Dutch Society (KNS)

Costs: €40,00.

The candidate will see photos and read questions. The questions are also pronounced in a slow speaking tempo. The candidate will see and hear two answer possibilities.

Practice and resitting the integration exam provides for practice exams.
The three exam parts can be taken at one time or separately. In case the candidate fails for a particular part, he/she only has to resit that part and not the entire exam.
The candidate takes the exam at the embassy or consulate-general in their country of origin/residence. The exam will be taken on a computer.

Applying for the integration exam

Applying for the exam happens online. The application form has to be filled out by the reference person/sponsor in the Netherlands and the candidate. Upon filing the form, the reference person in the Netherlands receives an e-mail with a link confirming the application.

After this confirmation, the sponsor will also receive an e-mail detailing the Dutch bank account number and payment code to which the exam costs must be transferred. It is very important to list the correct payment code when transferring the money, otherwise the payment cannot be connected to the correct application.

After approximately zeven working days after the payment of the exam fee, the sponsor will receive an e-mail stating that the exam candidate should contact the embassy or consulate within three months to make an appointment for taking the exam. More information on how to make an appointment can be found on the website of the Dutch embassy or consulate. Contact information of embassies and consulates are listed on the portalsite.

The exam is taken on a computer. The questions are in audio (via a headphone) and the answers can be recorded through a microphone.

The answers will be assessed by DUO. It can take up to 8 weeks before candidates are informed of their results. When the candidate has passed, the results of the exam will be valid for one year. This means that the MVV-application must be filed within that year.