Family reunification

This is the website for information on admission and residence of foreign partners and children.

On this website you will find:

  • explanation of the rules and procedures for admission and residence of your partner and / or child in the Netherlands,
  • handy checklists and working documents so that you can get to work well-informed yourself.

This information is offered to you for free by Delissen Martens advocaten.

If you cannot resolve it yourself, you can contact our team from the Migration Law department.

What is an MVV?

The MVV grants the applicant the permission to travel to the Netherlands. The new procedure for 'admission and residence' offers MVV holders the option of receiving an automatic residence permit upon arrival in the Netherlands.

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The MVV procedure

If you want to live in the Netherlands together with a foreign partner, you must go through an MVV procedure. We explain step by step what this procedure looks like.

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